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Fragrance Descriptions

African Rain- A powerful aroma of a tropical rain forest, lush floral drenched in a warm rain.

Apricot Chamomile- Sweet apricot with soothing chamomile creates a scent bursting with yummy ripe fruits that revive body and spirit.

Bamboo & Green Tea- A soothing citrus fragrance with pungent and dry tones that brings green tea leaves together with bergamot, mandarin, and jasmine followed by enveloping aromas of black currant and pomegranate.     

Feng Shui Earth- Promotes nurturing, caring energy, and offers hints of patchouli, amber and musk with gentle green top notes.

Feng Shui Metal- Promotes intelligence and sharpness of mind. A cool scent that is crisp and clear.

Feng Shui Water- Promotes feelings and creativity. A clean, airy aroma with subtle rain base.

Forget Me Not- An unforgettable, lady-like fragrance of the dainty blue flower. 

French Lavender- A clean earthy aroma of lavender fields, lilies, violet leaves, rosemary and thyme.

French Vanilla- A classic, rich and creamy vanilla with subtle hints of pure white sugar and musk.

Heaven Scent- This is a favorite with both men and women. An unusual blend of soft floral with a masculine musk note.

Jasmine- A heavy white floral that's not overpowering. A bright oriental feel to it, rather mysterious.

Lemon Verbena- A lovely blend of lemon and grassy herbals kissed with a bright floral note.

Love Spell (VS Type)- A Victoria's Secret's Type top-selling fragrance, comprised of sweet citrus and berries atop a fruity floral heart.

Oakmoss & Sandalwood- A blend of oakmoss, sandalwood and patchouli followed by a soft blend of amber and musks. 

Orange Ginger- Stimulating ginger and refreshing orange perfectly blend to energize and uplift the senses.

Pink Grapefruit- Blends fresh pink grapefruit with sweet Valencia orange, clementine and soft florals.

Sage & Chamomile- Truly enticing combination of soft and calming scent of chamomile flower with herbal scent of sage results in a wonderful blend for most any application.

Sangria White Peach- This sparkling fragrance is a wonderful blend of red wine with slices of ripe peach and juicy orange.

Spearmint Eucalyptus- A sharp, clean burst of mint to awaken senses that is frosty and bright.

Strawberry Champagne- A sweet blend of strawberry, champagne, cassis and apple cider.