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Hi, my name is Donna Dismuke-Gary, founder and owner of DK Soy body massage candles. DK Soy started from my hobby of making regular soy candles in the summer of 2008. One day, while I was in the process of candle making, some of the “wax” spilled on my hand. I know what you are thinking; the “wax” must have been hot and burned my hand. This was not the case, in fact, the soy “wax” is made from a soybean oil which has a lower melting point that is skin safe. Once melted it provided a warm and soft feel, great for relaxation. Having a background in art and fashion, I love to create new things so I thought why not try a massage candle, especially, one that can serve a dual purpose to provide moisture for the skin and an amazing smell. With research, I found skin-safe fragrances to complement this wonderful oil. Our massage candles are primarily made for providing you with a relaxing feel. One that can provide your skin with moisture and softness with no greasy residue. Our collection of aromatics gives you a variety of the following fragrance profiles: clean/fresh, herbal, floral, citrus and sweet.

Captivate your senses with our body massage candles that not only smell wonderful, but feels fantastic!
— Our Motto