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DK Soy’s Travel Tin Collection of massage oil candles features our curated blend of soy wax, premium oils and skin-safe fragrances. Our Travel Tin Collection of scented soy candles are presented in two sizes of metal tins with lids to keep the fragrance sealed in. There are 8 fragrances available from our signature soy candles including the following: Bamboo & Green Tea, Feng Shui Water, French Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Love Spell, Sage & Chamomile, Sangria White Peach and Strawberry Champagne. You will be sure to find a fragrance or few that will complement your taste.

Our travel tins are a great alternative to our glass jars, especially for traveling across the states or around the world. The travel tins may offer a different aesthetic, but the product inside provides the same massage oil and lotion to moisturize your body, especially the dry areas. You can simply enjoy the aromatics of our scented candles that will fill your room. The choice is up to you!

Travel Tin Collection | Massage Oil Candle

Large Travel Tins - Massage Oil Candles


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Tealight Sample Pack - Massage Oil Candles